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Caesar Salad..Chicken $8.75..Shrimp $10.95
Choice of chicken or shrimp served on top of romaine lettice tossed with creamy Caesar dressing, fresh Parmesan and croutons.
Chicken Club Salad $8.95
Mixed greens topped with roast chicken, bacon, cheddar and tomato with choice of dressing.
Honey Ranch Salad
Chicken $8.75 Shrimp $10.95
Mixed greens topped with chicken breast or steamed shrimp, candied pecans, tomatoes and sweet onions and served with honey ranch dressing.
Cobb Salad $8.95
Mixed greens, grilled chicken, bacon, hard boiled egg, tomato, blue cheese crumbles. Served with choice of dressing.
Sesame Seared Tuna Salad $12.95
A rare, sushimi grade, sesame seared tune steak served atop mixed greens with avocado, julienne carrots, cucumbers with cusabi dressing.
Spinach Salad $8.25
Fresh spinach, bacon, tomatoes, hard boilded egg, mushrooms, croutons and fresh Parmesan served with choice of dressing.
Barefoot Salad $9.25
Mixed greens, marinated artichokes, sliced mushrooms, sunflower seeds, pecans, baby portabellos, tomatoes, parmesan and blue cheese crumbles with choice of dressing.
Buffalo Chicken Salad $8.50
Buffalo chicken, romaine lettuce, blue cheese crumbles, ranch dressing and croutons.

Bermuda Triangle $9.25
A scoop of chicken salad, tuna salad, and your choice of potato salad, macaroni salad or cole slaw served over a bed of greens and veggies with crackers. Served with your choice of dressing.

Caesar Salad Small $3.95 Large $6.50
Romaine lettuce tossed with creamy Caesar dressing, fresh shredded Parmesan and croutons.
Garden Salad Small $3.95 Large $6.50
Mixed greens, cucumbers, tomatoes and carrots with choice of dressing.
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Salad Dressings: Ranch, Honey Ranch, Cusabi (cucumber & wasabi), Balsamic Vinaigrette, Lite Raspberry Vinaigrette, Bleu Cheese. All salads are served with dressing on the side except for Caesar Salad.

Extra dressings: $0.50


Why Choose The Barefoot Cafe?

Our customers love us! We feel the same about them and we express it through a wonderful menu and delicious food to satisfy everyone's tastes! Click below to see what our customers are saying or to leave a comment of your own!

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